Saving Stuff

Saving space on your kitchen work surfaces

Published: Montag, 7. Januar 2008

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in a house (not forgetting the bathroom) and as such unless properly managed, will soon become cluttered and untidy.  It is actually quite challenging to save space in the kitchen because generally everything in that room needs to be there.  However, with a bit of regular maintenance and some planning you can save some space and at the same time make the area less cluttered.

kitchen work surfaceAs well as being kind on the eye, a tidy kitchen is easier to keep clean and hygiene is extremely important for the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the house.  Cooking a meal in an environment where you are surrounded by filthy dishes from a previous meal isn't a particularly pleasant thing to do anyway.  As these dishes pile up the available work space in the kitchen decreases and things become a bit chaotic.  It's perhaps obvious really, but it's an easy habit to fall into.  Just deal with them in a reasonable time frame after your meal and don't let them build up.

If you haven't got adequate cupboard space in your kitchen already, consider solving that problem first.  If there is nowhere suitable to store cooking equipment and ingredients you will rapidly run out of space.

People often seem to have lots of rarely used kitchen utensils lying around on work surfaces.  The toaster needs to stay and we can't live without the kettle, but do you really need that ice cream maker or that George Foreman which gets used twice a year sitting in a prime location?  If you're not using it on a weekly or even monthly basis, find a convenient home for it and if need be get rid of it.