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Saving space in the bathroom

Published: Samstag, 12. Mai 2007

If you have a small bathroom it can be very difficult trying to fit everything you need in it without looking very cluttered and cramped.  I have listed a few ideas on how to make the most of the space and create a clutter-free bathroom.

My favourite way of saving space is to use one of those over the door storage devices.  I think they are a very clever idea and they store lots of things which can help keep your bathroom very minimal, tidy and clutter free.

A tidy bathroom, ways to save spaceAnother useful storage idea is a shelving unit that goes under your sink but is round and therefore fits the shape of your sink.

If you like to keep all your shampoos and shower gels within easy reach, you can buy a space saver shelving unit that fits in the corner of your bath.  Itís an adjustable pole with shelves that is designed to fit from the corner of your bath to the ceiling.

Instead of having a mirror in the bathroom, fit a bathroom cabinet that has a mirror.  That way you still have a mirror but have the added benefit of storage.

Another idea would be to have a very tall but slim cupboard, like a tower storage unit, in a free corner.  This wouldnít need much space but would be able to store a lot of things in an otherwise useless space.

Check out the Argos website as they have a lots of clever bathroom storage ideas at very reasonable prices and Iím sure youíll find something to suite your needs.