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Green cleaning - Soda crystals

Published: Dienstag, 19. August 2008

Soda CrystalsThese days our kitchen cupboards are overflowing with different bottles of chemicals to clean various things around the house.  Not only does this take up a lot of room but it's really bad for the environment as it releases nasty chemicals and gases in to the atmosphere and water table.  They are also very detrimental to your health as breathing in these nasty gases won't do you any favours.  There are lots of companies out there that sell environmentally friendly cleaning products containing natural ingredients.  You can also buy some products in your local supermarket but to be honest they are all quite expensive.

Back in our grandparents days they didn't have all the choices we have today and used every day products to clean things.  Personally I think we should all go back in time and use traditional methods as this involves using normal store cupboard and everyday ingredients and therefore will be much better for the environment and also save you a lot of money.

One gem of a product I recently stumbled across is soda crystals or washing soda.  It has hundreds of uses around the home and is great for cleaning and cutting through grease and limescale.  From cleaning silverware and brass, treating wine and food stains, removing burnt on grease from cookware, cleaning your bath or toilet to unblocking sinks and drains.  Plus it's also available in liquid format which is ideal for cleaning surfaces and makes it even easier to clean those awkward corners.  Apart from being fantastic at all these different things and more, it is safe to use and completely environmentally friendly because it is bleach free and does not contain enzymes and phosphates.

Where can I buy soda crystals?

You can buy soda crystals from most supermarkets and stores such as Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose and online at Wilkinson Plus and Robert Dyas.