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Top tips on saving water in your home

Published: Samstag, 12. Mai 2007

Baths can be relaxing and some kids really enjoy them but have you thought about how much water you are using?  If you have more than one young child bath them together.  Not only will this save hugely on water but bath time will be more fun for the kids too!  An added bonus is it will also save you time.  Also, try to have showers more often than baths but be careful as power showers can actually use more water than a bath, so make it quick!

When brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your face, please don't leave the tap running.  I know we all do it but there really is no need, just think of all that good water going down the drain - such a waste.  Have you ever thought of how much water is used each time you flush the toilet?  Well this can be reduced by fitting one of those air bags in your toilet cistern.

water tap dripping Flush the toilet using rain water...

Rain water can be used for many different things, and we get enough of it.  So instead of moaning about the weather start saving all that wonderful rain water and think about how much money you'll be saving instead.  This water can be used for watering your garden and cleaning your car.  Another tip which might not be suited to everyone is to use rain water or bath water every time you need to flush the toilet by just pouring some water down the bowl instead of flushing.  A friend did this and her quarterly bill was £20 less than the previous quarter.  You can even use bath water for your garden and washing your car.

Get rid of that hose pipe!  When cleaning your car, try and get by on one bucket for cleaning and one for rinsing or even better use a watering can for rinsing.  Failing that, I recently bought a great contraption if you're into gadgets.  Itís basically a siphon with various attachments to wash and rinse your car using a bucket of water.  Also, when watering your garden use a watering can instead of a hose pipe.

If you have a dishwasher make sure it is energy efficient as this will save you on water as well as electricity.  Likewise with a washing machine.  When doing your washing make sure you do a full load instead of half a load as it uses less water than two half loads.  Likewise with your dishwasher.

Another thing that I'm sure we all do is fill the kettle up when we want a cup of tea.  Well stop right there.  Only fill it up with as much water as you need, this will also use less electricity.

Fed up with that dripping tap?  Well do something about it, replace the washers on all dripping taps and repair any leaks as you are just wasting water.  If youíre not sure how to do this yourself, look it up in a DIY manual or online as it is a very simple job.

If you are not metered it might be worth checking your usage by using the calculator on uSwitch to compare to your annual bill.  You could be paying more than you're actually using.  However this is sometimes not possible, for example, if your pipes are shared.  But the water company should offer you an "assessed charge" whereby you pay an estimate of your water usage or what other metered customers are paying in your area.