Saving Stuff

Making space on your bookshelf

Published: Montag, 5. Mai 2008

Books take up lots of space either on bookshelves or stored in cardboard boxes.  How many times have you moved house and carried with you several boxes of books that you have already read and will probably never read again, or that you haven't read and are highly unlikely to read?  Maybe you have a few bookshelves in the spare room or in the dining room.  The books themselves are really just gathering dust and taking up space, again this is because you've probably already read them or maybe you're going to get round to reading them - one day.

very full bookshelfThere is a perfect solution that will not only save you valuable space but it may also save you money at the same time.  Instead of buying novels from book shops or even charity shops, borrow them from your local library instead.  Libraries are a valuable and often forgotten local resource just waiting to be rediscovered.  If there is a specific book you are after you can quite often search the libraries in your area online and reserve it for collection at a later date.  If you need to borrow the book for a little longer you can also renew them online as well, so no more mad rush to get to the library before your book is overdue.  Obviously the latest bestsellers won't usually appear on the shelves straight away, but with a little patience you wont have to wait too long.

So what do you do with those books?...

As well as using libraries eBooks are also an excellent way to save space.  You can use your computer to read eBooks or alternatively use an e-reader, a device designed to open and view eBook files.  Some mobile phones, PDA's and portable games consoles can also read eBooks.  There are many eBooks freely available on the Internet as it is a good way for new and upcoming authors to gain an audience.  Some of the more mainstream novels can also be purchased online at stores specialising in eBooks.

So what do you do with those books you've already accumulated over the years that are currently just taking up space?  First of all decide which ones you really must keep, either for sentimental reasons or because you are very likely to read them.  The rest can all find a good home somewhere else, don't just bin them!  Friends or family may be interested in taking them off your hands.  Also, have a look on sites such as Amazon to see if they may be worth selling.  A bit of extra cash always comes in handy! If your books are unlikely to sell then either take them to a charity shop or better still donate them to a library so that others can benefit from them.  Not all libraries accept donations, so check your local branch to see if they do.