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Hairdresser cost cutting tips

Published: Donnerstag, 12. März 2009

A trip to the hairdressers doesn't have to be one of those rare luxuries.  Through experience and speaking to other savvy friends we've figured out a few ways to cut the cost of a visit to the hairdressers.

Wet cut normally £20 cost £8 less just because I opted out of a blow dry...

Whenever I go to my hairdressers I have a wet cut which would normally set me back around £20.  When the stylist finishes cutting my hair she always asks if I wanted a blow dry, but one day I decided I wouldn't bother as I was going straight home and only lived 2 minutes away.  I was quite surprised to learn that my haircut cost £8 less just because I opted out of a blow dry.  Unbelievable!  Another thing I've been doing for a few years now is dying my own hair, it costs less than £5.  I did once treat myself to a cut and dye in a salon and it set me back £60!  Never again!

hairdresserA friend of mine has blonde highlights put in her hair every few months but recently started getting it done every month as she can now afford to.  She basically asked the hairdressers to leave the foils in her hair so she could take them out herself when she got home.  This shaved a cool £15 off the bill!  Lets just hope her car doesn't break down one day on her way home from the salon!

Ever considered using a mobile hairdresser?  They charge half the price of your average salon because they have no overheads, only the cost of running a car to get about for appointments.  I had a mobile hairdresser before I moved and it used to cost less than £10 for a wet cut and to be honest she was much better than most of the salons I'd been to!

...consider being a model for hairdressing students

A very daring option would be to consider being a model for hairdressing students.  Colleges that offer Health and Beauty courses often offer free haircuts to anyone who doesn't mind being practiced on by a student!  So keep on eye out in your local paper or college noticeboards.  You can often get a free haircut from students training as stylists in well-known salons such as Toni & Guy.  So if you're feeling brave and don't mind letting someone who's inexperienced loose on your lovely locks then why not!