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Ways to get FREE tea and coffee with samples and taster clubs

Published: Sonntag, 26. August 2012

Thereís nothing like a nice cup of coffee to get your day started, for some people itís essential.  Personally I enjoy a relaxing cup of tea when I get home from work as it marks the end of my day.

If you're a regular customer of Costa then you can be rewarded by joining their Coffee Club.  Just pick up a free card on your next visit and register your card online so that every time you make a purchase in a participating store your card will be credited.  You will get 100 points for registering and for every pound you spend you will receive with 5 points.  When you have racked up enough points you can redeem them for free coffee or any other item of food or drink.  Every point is worth a penny, so 215 points could entitle you to a free Primo lattť.

Always lots of FREE samples to be had

free coffee

If you prefer Starbucks, they offer a reward scheme where you put credit on a Starbucks Card and every time you pay for a purchase with your card you are rewarded with a Star.  The more visits you make the more Stars you gain.  Depending on how many Stars you get depends on what level of rewards youíre entitled to.  Basically the more Stars you have the better the rewards.

For those of you who like to shop in IKEA make sure you become an IKEA Family member so you can take advantage of the free tea and coffee which is available Mondays to Fridays only.  Itís the least they can offer after all itís not exactly a shop you can nip in and out of quickly, so you will have earnt it!

There are so many different teas and coffees out there to chose from, it can be a minefield.  Even though you might be happy with your current brand or flavour there might be a better one out there.  Tea and coffee makers are always encouraging people to try new flavours by giving away free samples or getting you to join their taster club so youíll be the first to hear about new products or flavours.

To help you get the most of any promotions or free samples I will keep an up-to-date list at the end of this post of where you can get these to enjoy.

Free Tea

Twinings - Request two free samples from a selection.
Dilmah - Sample of Ceylon's freshest and finest tea.
Red Bush - Two free tea bags each of Original Redbush and Redbush Citrus.
Clipper Teas - Join the club and become a tea taster.
Pukka - Fill in the form and enter P2012.03.14 19:10 L2073 EXP2015.03.14 in the best before date box.

Free Coffee

Taylors Coffee - Sign up to their newsletter at the bottom of the page to try free samples.
Roasters Coffee - Request your free sample.
GreySky Coffee - Complete the form to request your free sample of Sumatra Toba coffee.
Douwe Egberts - Fill in the form on their Facebook page for a free sample of Smooth Caramel flavoured coffee.