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Food discounts with Foursquare

Published: Montag, 1. November 2010

Foursquare seems to be the latest craze in social networking.  It’s basically an application you have on your internet enabled mobile phone and the aim is to “check-in” when you visit places such as pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, takeaways etc... This lets people know you’ve been there and you can leave tips.  You then receive badges and awards depending on where and how often you have checked-in.  The person with the most “check-ins” at a particular venue over a 30 day period then becomes Mayor, so it can get quite competitive fighting for the top spot!

Well some places have now started to offer special promotions and discounts to Foursquare Mayors.  Make sure you upload a photo to your account to be eligible for any discounts.  As it’s all still quite new there are only a few available at the moment but keep an eye out and I will update this article as and when I find out.

Foursquare Mayor OfferJ D Wetherspoon pubs
The Mayor of each pub will receive 20% off their food bill (excluding drinks).  All you have to do is show your mobile phone with the screen that says you’re Mayor to the member of staff when you make your order and you will receive your 20% discount.  With 784 pubs nationwide there’s bound to be one near you.  We regularly visit our local Wetherspoon pub and have enjoyed several discounted meals recently.  Be patient though as we’ve found a lot of the staff still don’t know about this or know what they have to do so often have to call the manager over to put the discount through.  Don’t let that put you off!

Domino’s Pizza
The Mayor of each participating store will be entitled to a free small 2 topping pizza every Wednesday and a free garlic bread pizza when spending £10 or more.  Again all you need to do is show them the relevant screen on your mobile phone to show that the Mayor Special has been unlocked on Foursquare.  These deals are available on collection only, terms and conditions apply.

TGI Friday’s
Become the Mayor of your local TGI Friday’s restaurant and you’ll get a free treat for yourself and up to 7 friends.  All you have to do is show your server your Foursquare Mayor status on your mobile phone to receive your special treats.  This offer is only available on the first Friday of every month.  To coincide with the launch of their new cocktail menu customers who "check-in" for the first time at participating restaurants (London Covent Garden, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Kingston-upon-Thames, Cardiff, Leeds, Bristol and Gateshead) will receive a free Long Island Iced Tea cocktail.  As usual you just need to show the relevant screen on your mobile phone to a team member.

Look out for the Foursquare sticker in shop and restaurant doors and windows as it has been known for some places to have discounts and free stuff available for a limited time.  For example earlier this year Debenhams were offering free coffees every Friday to visitors that “checked-in” at their Oxford Street store and the Mayor was entitled to free coffee whenever they visited.

If you know of any other promotions that are available to Foursquare Mayors please contact us.