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How car owners can reduce CO2 emissions

Published: Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2008

It is a known fact that transport is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions which causes global warming.  The increase in CO2 emissions on our roads is to blame and in the UK alone this accounts for a quarter of our total carbon footprint.  If we all do our bit we can help reduce the impact on the environment and make the world a better place.

When buying a new car, make sure that you choose sensibly and opt for a car with a smaller engine which will be efficient on fuel therefore causing less pollution.  This will also save you money and will cost you less in road tax; the lower the emissions the less tax you'll have to pay.

car exhaust, source of CO2 emissionsAll car owners are guilty of being lazy and taking it for granted; even if we need to pop to the corner shop we'll jump in the car.  Next time before you make your journey, ask yourself these questions: Do you really need to drive to the corner shop?  Can you walk or even cycle there?  Is it really worth consuming petrol and polluting the atmosphere for a couple of pints of milk?  Short trips like these can really contribute to air pollution and CO2 emissions.

If you really do have to use your car, a few changes to your driving habits can make all the difference.  Firstly, don't speed!  The faster you drive the more fuel you'll consume which means there will be an increase in CO2 emissions.  Watch your gears, the lower the gear the more fuel you are using.  So don't rev those gears, try changing a bit sooner perhaps when your rev counter reaches 2000-2500 rpm.  Don't switch your air conditioning on unless the temperature is really uncomfortable.  Where you can, try car sharing and combining various errands in to one trip instead of making separate trips each time you need to go somewhere.

Lastly, make sure you service your car regularly and check your tyre pressure.  Your car will run much better and consume less fuel if it's looked after and most importantly will be much kinder to the environment.

Most people donít seem to realise whatís better for the environment is actually better on your pocket too!